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    Raúl Del Corte Valiente is a composer and orchestrator specializing in movie soundtracks, combining the classical symphony orchestra with music's most pioneering technologies. He has made numerous audiovisual works: films & television.

    He produced his first CD "Yaralaya" (2007), 5 stars winner in the "Frames" film magazine (October 2007), and He has been a concert pianist in clubs like "The Chapel of Jazz" or "Caja Madrid", thanks to which he has created some markedly piano soundtracks.

    His first short film "Casiopea" (2000), a musical film, won first prize for best soundtrack at the Fourth International Film Festival "Wolf's Mouth Award", (2001).

    In 2007 he became twice finalist in the international Jerry Goldsmith Awards, in best soundtrack category with the BBC documentary "The Rules of the Sun" (2006), a documentary with BBC images, and also in best short film creation category, with "Sunset" (2006).

    In 2008, again, Del Corte became twice finalist in the international Jerry Goldsmith Awards, in best soundtrack category with "Routine" (2008): a real action short produced by Volcano Films International Productions, and also in best film animation soundtrack, with "The Dream of Life" (2007), produced by the Californian company EastWest.

    In 2011, Raúl Del Corte Valiente became semi-finalist in the international Jerry Goldsmith Awards, in best soundtrack (advertising category) with "Important Things" (2011): a 3D animated short film produced by Plasma.

    In 2012, again, is semi-finalist in the international Jerry Goldsmith Awards, in the category of best live action soundtrack "Velando a los Muertos" (2014), directed by Sebastian Alvarez, and recorded with musicians from the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra.

    “The film scoring composer should contribute to the film with his music, and be able to channel the feelings and emotions of the viewer. Because in movies, music is the soul of the image, and both form an indissoluble whole".- Raúl Del Corte Valiente

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    “51 gorgeous minutes of calm and evocative music, where the use of ethnic voices and a soprano is important, as well as soloists instruments. The author prints to the assembly a very personal style, of elegant forms and beauty”.

    By Conrado Xalabarder. ”Photograms” Magazine, 2007 - October. Scored as essential (5 stars).

    “Symphonic poem coming from several audio-visual works, with the important presence of the soprano María Plasencia”.

    By Joan Padrol.“Directed by” Magazine, 2008 - January.

    "The music of Raul Del Corte moves us to other territories, with full of exotic sounds, and we returned home with a sense of having made a magical journey moved by land, air and sea."
    By Manuel E. Díaz Noda. Blog "Adivina Quien Viene al Cine", 2010 June.

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    RAÚL DEL CORTE VALIENTE: The Music of the Elements
    Manuel E. Díaz Noda

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    On Wednesday June 30 at 19.30 in Conference Room of the Cultural Field in El Corte Inglés (May 3 Avenue, Santa Cruz de Tenerife), the composer Raúl Del Corte submit his two records: Yaralaya (50 beautiful minutes of independent film scores, with noteworthy voice of the soprano Maria Plasencia), and Confessions Piano Solos (a work in collaboration with Mónica Hernández).

    Born in Castellón in 1970 and living in Tenerife for several years. Raúl Del Corte Valiente is a composer and arranger specializing in movie soundtracks, combining his skill and passion for the piano, with the symphony orchestra and cutting edge music technologies. Throughout his still short but interesting filmography, he have composed music for several short films, collaborating on several occasions with director Gabriel Lúgigo. For this director in 2000 hi made the film work, "Cassiopeia", winner of the first international award for Best Soundtrack at the Festival "The Wolf's Mouth". Then again in 2002 he coincide with "A Star Moment", and in 2009 with "Surprised".

    Moreover, for the Canaries director Sebastian Alvarez, in 2008 he composed the score for the short film "Routine". Within his experimental line in the audiovisual, we can find "The Rules of the Sun" (2007), a documentary with BBC footage, green-themed daily projected in the "Loro Park" in Tenerife, or the animated shorts "The Dream of Life" (2007) and "Metamorphosis" (2008), produced by the American company EastWest USA.

    Yaralaya had a first birth in 2007, and involved a compilation of the major compositions performed by Raúl Del Corte until that date. This album has enjoyed a second life after its reissue in 2009, where, as added attraction, the disc features two new tracks. Throughout the 50 minutes of this disc we see the particular style of Raúl Del Corte, which are interspersed orchestral samplers (for paragraphs ethnic instrumentation and symphonic music), electronic music, and a delicious use of the female voice (by the Tenerife Soprano Maria Plasencia). In these compositions we can find echoes of the New Age movement, as well as renowned artists such as Enya, Vangelis, Wim Mertens and Hans Zimmer. The new edition has a total of 10 tracks, all sorted to produce in the listener a tranquility sense, and connection with nature. Del Corte's music moves us other worlds, full of exotic sounds, and we returned home with the feeling of having made a magical journey moved by land, air, and sea.

    We find one work that make the simplicity and emotion their main banner, relying on compositions that come directly to the listener. Raúl Del Corte Valiente is a future promise, a sample from a pop artist, with appropriate measures of talent, that with a little luck and oportunities, he will continue to offering the world wonderful musical works in the future.


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    The meeting and a family reunion in their hometown makes two generations face the same situation. Ensure the patriarch of the family. In this context, floating on the emotional state of the characters, the plot will go shelling familiar in recent years, leading to a climax irony in the outcome of the story.


    "... The projection of the catalog was closed with" Looking to the Dead "by Sebastian Alvarez, a final touch of the most grateful and who came to break the melancholy and sorrowful tone of the rest of the work. From a text by Antonio Tabares, the film presents a grotesque comedy starring actors Delirium Theatre Company Soraya Glez. del Rosario, Severiano Garcia Noda, Carlos Pedrós, Abraham Rosales Gomez, Zoraida Sanchez and, in a very special role, Juan Francisco Exposito.

    This proposal became an oasis of relaxation with its black humor, the grotesque interpretation of actors, each with a unique character and predefined, the elegance of the staging of Alvarez, a luxurious black and white photography that helps to give an even more cartoonish tone to the whole and the excellent work of
    Raúl Del Corte Valiente (unmitigated, the best soundtrack of all the works included in this edition of the catalog and the only one really plays a driver role and action to the extent that could have been almost without dialogues as the combination of images and music are sufficiently expressive).

    The film lacks the seriousness or significance of his fellow catalog, but precisely because it is disruptive to the unprejudiced mind set and became one of the most acclaimed titles of the night and, as we said before, a perfect finale".

    Posted by Manuel E. Diaz Noda / Sagrario Hernandez Hernandez. Guess who's coming to the theater. Wednesday, June 13, 2014